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Louise MacMillan Memorial Scholarship - Discountinued

Please note - this scholarship has been discontinued.

Established by the Federated Women's Institute of PEI, and the Louise MacMillan family, this $100.00 scholarship was presented annually to a deserving student.  

Past recipients include:
  • 2009 - Katherine Mitchell
  • 2010 - Alicia Webster
  • 2011 - Sarah McIsaac
  • 2012 - Moriah Hogan
  • 2013 - Priscilla Beaton
  • 2014 - Lisa MacLean
  • 2015 - Morgan MacDonald
  • 2016 - Emma MacPhail
  • 2017 - Grace Coles
  • 2018 - Jessica VanEwyk
  • 2019 - Robert Larson



  1. Applicant must reside on Prince Edward Island and have a relative in Women's Institute.
  2. Applicant may be enrolled in any program of choice, in any form of post-secondary institution, but must be enrolled as a full-time student for a minimum of one school year or 28 weeks.
  3. Applications will be judged on volunteer work done to enhance community life and leadership skills. Highest marks are not necessary to receive this scholarship.
  4. Applicants may apply yearly for scholarship, but may receive it only once.
  5. Applications should be accompanied by an academic record from school, a personal resume, including a record of previous awards/scholarships, a (250 word essay) on "The Importance of Involvement Within Your Community" and any (2) letters of recommendation from a former teacher and a clergy or employer.
  6. The scholarship money will be in the form of a cheque, made payable after proof of registration is received at the WI office, to the recipient and the facility of choice as outlined in #2.
  7. Applications to be forwarded to WI office by May 31.
  8. Judges will be selected by the Provincial Board.



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