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Roadside Cleanup

This year's Roadside Cleanup took place Saturday, May 13, 2017!  Thank you PEI. 

Contest is available until May 29 (See below for Pledge Sheet/Contest Details). 

Free cleanup bags will be available from IWMC facilites and head office.

On May 13 select a section of road or residential ditch in your area, collect litter, and simply take the bags to the roadside for pick up!  Next week government crews will pick up bags of collected garbage, so just your collected litter on the side of any road. You can use WI bags or regular clear plastic waste bags. Join in on the contest too!

WI logo labeled Cleanup Bags are available only at these locations:

·Brockton, New London, Murray River, Dingwells Mills, Wellington (The East Prince Waste Management Facility) and IWMC offices in Charlottetown (110 Watts Ave.) and Tignish (100 School St.).

(Bag pick up locations have been reduced this year as a pilot project to enhance monitoring of misused bags.)

If more convienant feel free to use your own clear plastic bags from home!

Cleanup and Win!

Entries can be received in Individual, Family, Organization, School or Business categories for the chance to win cash prizes - 12 prizes of $100 will be drawn randomly in each category. 
2017 Roadside Cleanup pledge form now available! 

2016 Winners!

CASH WINNERS from the 43nd WI Island Cleanup just announced! A record number of clean up teams across PEI were vying for the opportunity to win three cash prizes of $100 in each category. Each team pledged their participation including a picture of their team in action to complete their entry. Congratulations and thank you to all who participated in keeping PEI roadsides litter-free.

Congratulations to the following cash prize winners from the Island Cleanup. Winning teams will receive prizes in the mail. Families and Individuals: 1st - Nicholberg Beach Combers, 2nd - Clinton Cleaners, 3rd - Blue Roof; Community Organizations: 1st - Hampshire Movers and Shakers, 2nd - Central Bedeque WI, 3rd - Springpark Sparks, Guides and Queens District Rangers; Schools: 1st -Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute, 2nd - GEBIS Heatherdale, and 3rd - UPEI Graduate Student Alliance; Business: 1st - West Royalty Industrial Cleanup. Each receives $100.


2015 Winners!

Cash prize winners for the 2015 Island Cleanup are listed in the following categories! Thank you to all who participated in this year's cleanup and to those who pledged to clean our Island and forwarded their team photos in action. Winners will receive for first place - $250, 2nd Place - $100, and 3rd place - $50.

Individual or Family 
1st - Ellie's Peeps
2nd - The Corrigan Clan
3rd - Ladner Ditch Pickers

Classroom, School or Institution
1st - Prince Street Elementary
2nd – GWBI (Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute) 
3rd - L.M. Montgomery School

Community Organization
1st – Meadowbank Pickers
2nd – Spring Park Guides
3rd - Canoe Cove Roadies

1st - Invesco Cares & Green Committee
2nd – West Royalty Industrial Cleanup
3rd - West Cape Wind Farm

The 2014 Winners:

And the winners are......but first....congratulations and thank you to all who participated in the Island Cleanup on May 10. The following are cash prize winners from the recent Island Cleanup. In each category, first place winners receive $250, 2nd place $100, and 3rd $50. Winning teams will receive prizes in the mail. 

Families and Individuals:
1st - 25 Years & Going Strong Team 
2nd – Kinch Kids
3rd – The Glasgow Salamanders

Community Organizations: 
1st - JY Group
2nd - Stratford Youth Can-Do
3rd - Pleasant Valley WI

1st - Englewood School
2nd - Cardigan Consolidated School
3rd - Prince Street Environmental A-Thon

1st - Kitson Transport Inc.
2nd - West Royalty Business Park Employees 
(Unfortunately, not all team pictures were forwarded to complete ballot criteria for this category).

Look who has pledged to Clean and WIN in 2014!



The following Islanders and groups have pledged to clean up PEI and have the opportunity to win $250, 100 and 50 per category - and the list is not complete!

Families and Individuals

  • CNNE
  • Dawson Kids
  • Roger & Donna Kitson
  • Kelly Klan
  • Mighty Moore Garbage Machines
  • The Glasgow Salamanders
  • Kelly Klan
  • Mighty Moore Garbage Machines
  • Ladner Ditch Pickers
  • Parker Pickers
  • MacNeill Crew
  • Reeves Family
  • The Mess Mustering MacPhail-Cantwell's
  • North Granville Garbage Gremlin
  • MacKinnon/Glover Family

    Community Organizations
  • "The Shuckers"
  • Mt. Buchanan-Point Prim WI
  • Brackley Beach WI
  • Hampshire WI
  • Harrington WI
  • Pride of North Tryon
  • Summerside Pathfinders
  • Summerside Guides
  • St. Eleanors Brownies
  • Summerside Sparks
  • Kensington Sparks
  • Kensington Brownies
  • Kensington Pathfinders
  • Girl Guide England Group
  • Prince County District Girl Guides of Canada
  • Sherbrooke – Summerside WI
  • Community of Sherbrooke
  • Sherbrooke Council
  • Kensington Guides
  • TOPS Kensington
  • Belmont Bloomers
  • Malpeque Pickers
  • Central Bedeque Trash Busters
  • Orwell Corner
  • Spring Valley WI
  • Stonington Pickers
  • Club 4-H Evangeline
  • JY Group
  • Stratford Youth Can-Do
  • Orwell Corner WI
  • Knutsford WI
  • Uigg-Kinross-Grandview WI
  • Blue Heron Power & Sail Squadron
  • North Milton WI
  • Wheatley River 4H Club

    Schools (or classes, grades or any learning institution)

  • Prince Street Environment-A-Thon
  • Ecole Saint-Augustin
  • WaveSkills Sailing School
  • KISH Agriculture Certificate
  • Agrinators
  • M.E. Callaghan-Grade 9 French Immersion


  • Kitson Transport Inc.
  • RBC Staff Summerside
  • WRIP Employees

Congratulations to the following winners for the 2013 cleanup:

Individual or Family:  MacLeod Family (Harleigh MacLeod)
Business:  WINDS Team  (Heidi Frankfurt)
Community Organization:  Stonington Pickers    
School or Class: Agri Science 801 Class - KISH

WI celebrated 40 years of the annual province-wide roadside cleanup on Saturday, May 11, 2013.

To commemorate this milestone, PEIWI and partners are gave Islanders the chance to vie for cash prizes. Entrants registered and submitted a photo or two of their teams in roadside "cleanup" action.  A prize of $500 was be randomly drawn from each category.

IWMC Facilities:

  • Waste watch drop-off centres at Brockton, New London, Murray River and Dingwell Mills
  • Greenisle (Superior Sanitation), Charlottetown
  • East Prince Waste Management Facility,Wellington


Look who has pledged to Clean and WIN in 2013!


The following Islanders and groups have pledged to clean up PEI and have the opportunity to win $500 per category:

Families and Individuals

  • Alica Hogan
  • Alyssa & Lynne
  • Campbells
  • Campbell/Sharkey Crew
  • Canadian Council of Muslim Women
  • Donna Gallant
  • Gallants
  • Douglas Duo
  • Eleanor Irving
  • Kay Wall
  • Line Road Cleaners
  • Line of Lot Crew
  • Luke Reeves-Rollins
  • MacKinnon-Weeks Family
  • MacLeod Family
  • MacNeill Crew
  • Marshall Matheson
  • Team MacKendrick
  • Team McNally
  • Team Smith
  • Team Tremere
  • Team Taylor
  • Rosco Barbour
  • Sanderson Family
  • Smith Family (Pauline)
  • Smith Family (Melanie)
  • The Lacquerres
  • The Boyle Family
  • The Kilbride Clan
  • The Kinches
  • The Garbage Grabbers
  • The Millar Family
  • Waddell Family
  • WeCare
Community Organizations
  • #60 Air Cadet Squadron
  • Afton Community
  • Albany 4H Club
  • Avondale WI
  • Bay Bunch
  • Beach Bears
  • Bell River WI
  • Bonshaw W
  • Brackley Beach WI
  • Brackley WI
  • Cavendish 4H Club
  • Central Bedeque Trash Busters
  • Community of Breadalbane
  • Covehead Road WI
  • Club 4-H Evangeline
  • Canoe Cove Road Team
  • French River 4-H
  • Friends of the Farm
  • Garbage Grabbers (WI Alliston)
  • Girl Guides of Canada - Prince County District
  • Kelvin Grove WI
  • Little Pond Pathfinders
  • Lot 16 4-H
  • Mt. Mellick WI
  • Murray Harbour Library Youth Group
  • New Glasgow WI
  • North River WI
  • North Milton WI
  • Pleasant Valley WI
  • Point Prim Mt. Buchanan WI
  • Port Hill WI
  • Oyster Bed Bridge WI
  • Sherbrooke WI
  • Sherbrooke Council
  • South Milton WI
  • South Freetown Sewing Club
  • Spring Brook Pickers
  • Summerside Brownies
  • Summeside Guides
  • Summerville 4-H Club
  • St. Eleanors Brownies
  • Stonington Pickers
  • UKG.Ditch Pickers (Uigg-Kinross-Grandview WI)
  • Village Green WI
  • Wheatley River 4H Club
  • Wilmont Valley WI
Schools (or classes, grades or any learning institution)
  • Agriscience 801 - Montague Regional High School
  • Donagh Regional
  • Grade 8 Englewood
  • Hunter River After School Program
  • KISH Agriculture Certificate Program
  • WaveSkills Sailing School

  • GRS Mobility-Telus CleanUp Group
  • Brackley Country Inn
  • Brackley Drive-In Theatre
  • Team IWMC
  • Team RBC - Summerside
  • WRIP Team
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